Why Minimalism?

It is by now well known that the term ''Minimalism'' is often used to described something that has been stripped down to to its essentials, but many turn that meaning into less is best, which is not always the case as we can see with the picture below.

This is a well designed space for a minimalist but some may say if less is best why is there art, why is there a carpet, and this is my point as to why I dislike such a definition as stripped to it's essentials, the point is making a space that sooths the soul and calms the mind, much like feng shui does, it's not a matter of not having decor, but having it be something that is decored enough while still giving it that minimalist look, so I hope this thought helps if you are looking to design your own minimalist area, it's not always a bare bones thing, it's an art.

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